Monday, July 28, 2008

Best George Washington Video Ever

Did you know that George Washington was our 1st President? And he wore a wig? And slept in a lot of places in Chester and Montgomery Counties? All facts. Enough learning. Now it's time to lower the volume a bit and watch this hysterical video from Brad Neely of Creased Comics . Please rate it for funniness on a scale from 1 - 10. One being an episode of Alice and ten being my blog.

(And when you're done this video, treat yourself and scroll down and see some other catchy videos). Feel free to tap you toes. You've earned it.



Falwless said...

I laughed quite a bit. I'm going to rate this a 7.8. I loved the "He'll save children, but not the British children" (repeat 3x). Catchy.


Some Guy said...

Incredible. I had no idea he had so many dicks. I learn so much when I come here. I give it a 7.81 (In your FACE, Falwless!)

Gwen said...

I was suprised to see that he parted the Potomac. I like it when my learnin' is fun.

I give it a 7.9.


MJenks said... stole my President's Day thunder. Now I can't post this and point out that he'll save the children, but not the British children.

Don't mind me. I'm going off into the corner to lick my wounds.

Liöüx said...


Fun Fact: It's George Washington's image that graces the U.S. dollar bill and quarter dollars.

NOT Bea Arthur®™©™.

Mo said...

Okay. The half munched deer gets at least a six, but I think the multitude of dicks brings it up to an eight.

Rider said...

I laughed out loud more than once, yet I guffaw an average of three times per post on TBY. If the upper end of the scale is a 10, this video is a 9.

ÄsK AliCë said...

As a Canadian, I must say it was great to learn some real US History! Not like what those assholes taught us in high school.

I'm grading it 6 broken Mount Rushmores out of 7 possible British children.

Anonymous said...

that was great! Especially GW pushing the burning school into the sea. Stupid Britons.

Dr Zibbs said...

Alice: I need to commend Ask Alice on how funny her comments have been. Well done.
Rider: thanks. As Fal know, I love compliments.