Friday, August 1, 2008

The 2008 That Blue Yak Postee Hall of Fame

Congrats. You've won the 2008 THAT BLUE YAK POSTEE Hall OF FAME Award (a Postee).

This is a list of the funniest or most bizarre blog posts you've seen on the ISH (Information Super Highway). Once you are awarded with this prestigious award, you are hereby ordered to do the following:

A) Find a blog post that you find funny or completely bizarre.
B) Add the name of the post (with link) to the list below.
C) Add award given by and a link to your blog.
D) Copy and paste the previous winners so we'll end up with a big ole' list of hysterical blog posts.
E) Make sure to show the amazing That Blue Yak Post-ee Award as well as a link to That Blue Yak.
F) Tell the person that they've won in the comments section of their blog or with electronic mail. If they don't comply within 2 days tell them they've failed and pick someone else. Write something like "failure to comply" next to their name.
G) Don't fail.

Here's the beginning with one of my classic posts - followed by my pick.
1) Pear Body Shape -Let's get Learnin' - this post is about people with Pear shaped bodies. WTF? Awarded by me - Dr Zibbs from That Blue Yak
2) Really Sh*tty Ideas - This post is about crappy ideas. I love Lots Better Then Your Blog. Awarded my That Blue Yak.
3) ?


Falwless said...
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Anonymous said...

Anything of mine for the win!

Can we vote for ourselves? Or has it gotta be some sort of non-self-centered thing like they do for the Oscar nominations. Or Emmys. Or whatver.

Falwless said...

But what if someone chooses a post of yours that you don't consider all that worthwhile? (Seriously, THAT post? Of all my brilliant, brilliant nonsense, you pick THAT one? Did I write that? That is crap.)

Oh well, who am I to look a gift yak in the eyes? Or whatever, I don't really remember how that saying goes.


Falwless said...

Poo, I was headed over your way. You're the first person I thought of, believe me.

Falwless said...

Hey Dr Z, your stupid link to the pear shaped post of yours doesn't even work, you assclown.

Dr Zibbs said...

I knew I should have thought this through. Falwless, please fix my link. As for voting for someone else, that is not on the list - you can, unless it's the person that JUST voted for you. Now things are crystal clear and perfect.

Dr Zibbs said...

Poobomber, don't make mockery of you, me and the 5 other people that read this blog. Of course you can't vote for yourself you big dummy! Unless you have multiple blogs.

Anonymous said...

Can I vote for my blog if I don't have an actual, physical blog?

What if it's only in my soul?

Deep, deep down in my way dark soul.

Dr Zibbs said...

Anonymous, sure - go ahead and vote for yourself...there you go. Congrats. Now take 3 seconds and set yourself up at least a profile like my friends Steve did. And I ain't even tell nobody who Steve is.

Elizabeth said...

I got rooked. That "Pear" post errors out on me. I remember the "Shitty Ideas" post by Falw, though, that one was good.

I like this new trend. I can't wait to see where it goes!

Dr Zibbs said...

Enc, the pear post was my mistake with the link but Falwless fixed it on for passing on purposes. I think we should change her name to "Flawless", because she doesn't have any flaws.

Anonymous said...

Not one to read instructions thoroughly, I'm just guessing at what needs to be done the proper way to pass this award on.

So I passed it on to Pistols At Dawn.

Read about it here first!

Falwless said...

Ruh roh. I have a bad feeling Pistols at Dawn will be a "failure to comply." I know that guy. He loves getting awards, but hates anything involving "effort."