Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I Will Now Announce the Winner of My Blog Friend Contest

Oh it's a big day here at That Blue Yak because I'm going to announce the winners of my Dr Zibbs is My Best Friend Contest. First of all, the winner gets to say to others "Dr Zibbs is my best friends." Now let's make it clear that in no way will I say or imply that YOU are my best friend because my 4 BFF's are:

- Falwless - because in June she wrote BFF next to my name on her blog roll.

- Lydia and Candy - Lydia asked if we could be best friends and Candy gave me an award for being BFF. It's official because it looked like a credit card.

- Gwen - Because everyone knows that we have the special blog bond. Not unlike the bond that Unicorns and trolls have in real life.

With that out of the way, the 3 runner ups are:

(new commentor from the blog Mish Mash) - this one is about us going home on the bus together, roller skating and braiding each others hair. It had me cracking up. Go check it out.

- Because this scenario will probably happen someday.

Scope - (new blogger from the blog Scope Tech) -just had me laughing. I like the Pied Piper part.

And the winner is:

Poobomber for "A day in the life of you and I". Well done my friend. And in addition to writing the story, he later retold it using pictures of him and me (played by actor Bill Pullman). You can see this amazing photo essay here.

And I like to say that all of the other stories were great. Seriously, very good. Except for that dumb ass Bizarro Zibbs because he takes my name in vain and can't think of his own original name.

So good luck everyone and feel free to leave your acceptance speeches or whine in the comments area.


Poobomber said...

This had better be for real, cause if you pull the rug out from under me and say something like "Nyah nyah, psyche, I'm just kidding!" I'll probably cry a little bit. Okay, a lot.

First off, I'd like to thank you, Dr. Z. for making this all possible despite my lack of female body parts. I'll make up for it by buying you the finest garlic sausage and Germanic based fast food on our adventures.

Oh did I just say "adventures"? Yes, yes I did. I have a lot planned for us. First of all, you and I are going to steal a car (a blue one), then we're going to drive right down to Florida and begin our shenanigans. I hope you have your drivers license because I can't do all the driving on my own, I plan on sharing touching stories of our past and doing some crying, and I can't drive while I'm crying.

When our Florida adventure is over, plan on taking an extra few days so we can drive down route 66 out west. I've been down it before, and I bet we're going to make all sorts of new memories together. And I'll even let you braid my hair along the way, but I doubt it's long enough. We can try. And NO DRIVING OVER CLIFFS!!! They only do that in movies!

If we end up getting mugged anywhere, know that because you and I are BFF's I'm never going to run away - I'll hang around at least until weapons are brandished, and even then I'll stick by you (unless the muggers are the ones doing the brandishing, how far do BFF's go anyways?). You're a real Dr. right? I hope so, cause I'm bad at stitching. I'll have shakey hands from being emotionally wrought.

Oh man, anyways, whew, where to start with my thanks? Okay, of course I'd like to thank YOU, Dr. Z, for picking me above all the other slightly less awesome people. Uhm, next I'd like to thank everyone else for giving it their best and coming out to play, even though after reading my entries you probably knew you weren't going to make the cut.

Hey, don't worry though, I'm not going to "steal Dr. Z away" from anyone. I'm not like that. You guys can come over and hang out with us too, I'm not like one of those "You can't have any other friends than me" BFF's - but if I see any of you bitches moving towards Dr. Z. with a bottle of nailpolish, whoa lookout Nelly, that's BFF territory, back off. WE do that, not YOU.

Also, I'd like to invite the runners up over to my place so that I can size you up. Keep your friends close (Dr. Z), but keep your enemies closer (Gwen, Amy, Scope). If I make any sideways comments about your shoes, watch out, that means I'm getting a little jealous. But don't worry, I won't poison your food or anything that I'd normally do.

Okay, alright, I'd better get to emailing Dr. Z my itinerary for us. Thanks again DZ, and to everyone else - suck it!

Poobomber said...

Oh by the way, before we do anything else Dr. Z, I think as your BFF I can speak freely, right? Cool.

Okay, you can't wear those pants with that particular shirt.

Slick said...

I just found you so, I know. I could be like a winner by default or something?

Totally unfair...


Is it too late to demand a recount?

H said...

You had a contest?

Philly said...

Who wants to be your fucking BFF anyways


Queen Goob said...

YEAH!!! You tell him, Philly!

Queen Goob said...

....congrats you guys....

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Awww Poo! Congrats to you on your big win!

Zibsy, thanks for the BFF love you shared today.Right back at cha!

And might I add that your "spread the BFF wealth" attitude shown here illustrates exactly why we ALL love and adore you and clamour for your attention. It is with both dignity and class that you have captured our blogging souls. Bravo!

Jennifer and Sandi said...

Poo, that was SO FLIPPIN FUNNY!!!!!

You have WAAAAY TOOO MUCH TIME on your hands tho.

Back to wrapping Christmas presents or designing a new driveway. I can't decide which to do first!

- Jennifer (The other one)

Chele said...

what on earth is that picture?? I am sorry but those pink mittens and just that whole jogging pic just caught me off guard.

Plus poo congrats on the honor.

Anonymous said...

Great...Just great. Now I have to call back my real BFF and tell him I was just kidding.

LYDIA said...

I feel so much better now, I thought all of my bitchin was getting me no where.

I am very happy for Poo, he deserved the win - especially after he added the pics.

Hey, I need your address. I have an award to send to you.

Gwen said...

You chose wisely, my friend, because Poob deserved that win! Way to go, Poob!

BTW, can I be the troll? I like to yell, "Who's that clip-clopping over my bridge!?" at random times.

Falwless said...

She yells that anyway, troll or not...

Sorry for not entering your dumb contest and thanks for letting me win anyway! Man, you love me.

saratogajean said...


Maybe you need someone to follow you two around, hiding in the shadows and unobtrusively taking pictures during your BFF adventures, which I will later develop in my basement dark room and leave on your pillow when you are sleeping?

I work for cheap...

sista #2 said...

You picked hair braiding over sex, beer and pizza and the Dollar General?

What the fuck?????

Team Bud just lost a member.


Poobomber said...

I understand how people can be mad and jealous, but really, screw 'em.

For all you well wishers, thanks - I really did deserve this. At least until he makes a pass at my girlfriend, then he's BEF - Biggest Enemy Forever. I don't see that happening though, DZ is cool as a cucumber.

Fancy Schmancy said...

I feel all left out :(

The only thing that would pick up my spirits is a picture of Poo in drag. I know he says he won't do it unless I send him the clothes, but he forgot to give me his address for some strange reason...

Poobomber said...

That's because I'm homeless.

Giggle Pixie said...

Congrats to the (most deserving!) winners! Ya'll did awesome!!

And Dr. Zibbs, if I can't be your BFF, and I at least be your FF?


BeckEye said...

I didn't participate because I know that you will always love Falwless more than me, so why should I knock myself out?

Grant Miller said...

Bullshit dude. Total bullshit. I pour my heart out for you - don't forget the emails I sent in private - and this is the thanks I get? This?

All right, all right, all right.

Amy said...

I heard you say my name. It sent shivers up my spine... so hawt.

Thanks! And many congrats to the REAL BFF (which could stand for just about anything, really...)

enc said...

I lost again. I can't say I'm happy about this, but I'll let you live.

This time.

Dr Zibbs said...

Mr Grant Miller - Sorry. All this time I thought you were a machine.

Bizarro said...

Oh, for chrissakes, ya little bitch. I have altered my name . . . on a trial basis only!

Not because I didn't win when I clearly should have. Not because you didn't fall for my ruse that I am John Renard.

Let's just say I liked the recognition of seeing my name on a blog. People pay good money to read this shit, right? A little more momentum and I can BE somebody!

Dr Zibbs said...

Bizarro - you are officially recognized. Now call me up.

Scope said...

Poo - I envy you, but do not begrudge you. Well played.

I feel honored to just be mentioned in the same post with the rest of you.

You make me proud to be a Canadian-American. A phrase I can't use often enough.

Dr. Zibbs - Next time, I will try harder, my liege. I am scum. I think you should send Gwen up to give me the spanking I deserve.

slopmaster said...

damn it! I wish I would have known! I would have totally won! I don't even know why I would have even wanted to! damn you, you're doing it to me too...


Ms. Florida Transplant said...

lucky bastards