Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Famous PA Blogger Expands Trophy Room

I'd like to say thank you for the three awards that I've won this week. As the awards require actual work, I will be accepting only one. I will accept the Meme from Poobomber.

1) Clothes - I'm comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt but I like to be dressed up. My favorite shirts are the travelers shirts from Jos. A Bank. I also like when I'm wearing a suit because I get a lot of looks from the ladies. And as you know, it's all about my ego.

2) Furniture - chairs.

3) Sweet - Snickers, Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, peanut butter pie, homemade apple pie.

4) City - Nashville - Home of my favorite bar in the world, Tootsies Orchid Lounge. In one night, a drunk girl grabbed my package as she was stumbling down the steps and then later, when I was telling some chick at the bar what happened, she asked, "like this?" and reached over and grabbed my package (I should write a post about that night). Stratford-Upon-Avon - I used to travel there regularly for work. Beautiful English town. Home of Billy Shakespeare. Las Vegas - I hate gambling but I still love this city. Milan - beautiful (stayed for a week in the best hotel in Milan - see picture above). Hong Kong -it's kind of Manhattan if they bussed all the people in from Chinatown.

5) Drink - Good bourbon, Dewers Scotch. Beer: from Yuengling and Corona to most beer from Victory brewery which is about 10 minutes from home. Red wine. Monticello Riojo from Spain is house wine but I love all red wines. Margaritas on the rocks with tons of salt.

6) Music - Van Morrison, Willie Nelson, Neil Young, The Who, The Clash.. see my profile for more.

7) TV Series - The Simpsons - I've been watching since season 1. SCTV, Strangers with Candy, Animal shows, Nova, Tons of Food Network shows.

8) Film - One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, Anything Quentin Tarantino, Horror movies but I hate the Saw movies because they're just stupid. Austin Powers, Welcome to the Dollhouse, etc.

9) Workout - I've been terrible with exercising lately but running and biking.

10) Pastries - Croissants, Cream puffs (I feel kind of gay saying a like cream puffs but damn it they're light and tasty).

11) Coffee -Wawa coffee is the best. Unless I'm getting a fancy frap with chocolate or caramel at Starbucks, I think their coffee sucks and it's the biggest scam in modern history.

And like a child that doesn't get way, since the award I created, the 2008 That Blue Yak Postee failed to make it onto more than 5 blogs, I will not be awarding(punishing) anyone with this award. I guess that makes you all winners....or losers.

OK. OK. I'll pick the five required "winners." Here are the lovely ladies that are now required to post the meme above with their own personal meme answers, link to THAT BLUE YAK and pass it on to five other bloggers.

Minnesota Vs Texas (Jennifer and Sandy)


david wells said...

if you post about #4 - the package grabber, please make sure the story has a happy ending.

Caffeine Court said...

I'm all over it.

MelO said...

Hey, Zibbs! I hope you didn't think that I gave you an award. You better get right on my Meme, Mister, or you're in big trouble!

Gwen said...

Are you married?

Vodka Mom said...

damn you Dr. Zibbs. damn you to hell.

Vodka Mom said...

oh, and I meant that in the nicest way.

Jennifer and Sandi said... award!!!!

Sandi would like to take this opportunity to thank her agent in Hollywood *gasp* for making this all possible and most of all to Jennifer, my ex-sister-in-law, whom I love very dearly for making me who I am today....THANKS JENN.

Your very welcome Sandi. I would like to thank the academy and hope for world peace! This is a proud day!!!!

THANKS Zibbs.!! You Rock!
- Jennifer

Dr Zibbs said...

Gwen - bwahaha. We've been commenting on each others blogs for ages now and you ask that out of the blue? Oh that is rich. Also, I was thinking about granting you an exclusive interview or calling you on the phone to chat. I'm not sure I want to use my real, sexy voice (it tends to hypnotize) or talk the whole time like Gomer Pyle or Thurston Howell the 3rd. Maybe a call from dart night? Just something I'm considering for you, one of my top 5 loyal fans. And by fan I mean family. And by family I mean Manson family.

LYDIA said...

I think your most interesting answer is:

2) Furniture - chairs.

Chairs? You like chairs? lol. This is great.

Red said...

Yuengling sucks, but then, the only people I know who actually like it are all from PA. They must brainwash you or something.

MelO said...

AH-HAAA! Now I see what you're talking about!

I left a comment for you over on my meme(and I WAS right... I DID link you. :-P So THERE!).

Sass said...

Color me totally confused.

Since when was a writing assignment an award???

But, hell yeah...I'll do it. ;)

Because I kinda rock that way.

LYDIA said...

So - you completely avoided Gwen's question about whether or not you are married.

LYDIA said...

Should I take that last comment back? I have not known you long - you don't need to answer. My husband calls me nosy, and I am horribly nosy! So I am giving you permission not to answer the married question.

I like when men wear suits too - there is something really sexy about a well dressed man.

Gwen said...

If you promise to talk like Gomer Pyle the whole time, I will answer the phone.

Fancy Schmancy said...

I third Gwen and Lydia's interest. I just commented back to you on one of my posts about how very vague you are about your personal life. We want to know who the real man behind the pig mask is.

Michelle J said...

So, your a runner???

Wanna run? With me??

enc said...

I'm not surprised to find that you have great taste, Dr. Zibbs.

steenky bee said...

You so got memed too! Sometimes it's like getting that call from an old aunt or something. She means well, but you just wish she wouldn't call so often. I need a break from my memes.

ÄsK AliCë said...

sooooooooo are you married or what?!


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Gwen said...

It seems there's a new SHERIFF in town.

Anonymous said...

Interesting! I, too, love the Monticello Rioja. Try Las Rocas from Spain, too. About $13/bottle and it is so effing good.

Anonymous said...

Here's the label!'

Poobomber said...

You kill me Zibbsy, each and every time I come here. Haha!

Dr Zibbs said...

Thanks Kimmie. I'll pick up a bottel next time I'm down at Total Wine.

H said...

Are we sure that Zibbs is a man?

Chris said...

Ahhhh meme's, the STD's of the blogosphere;)

The bar story was hilarious!