Monday, October 20, 2008

Foot in Mouth Story Concerning Chaka From Land of the Lost

Cha-Ka from the Land of the Lost. I don't think many women would take it as a complement if they were called that. When my sister was in high school, they used to refer to this short, squat, monkey featured girl named Karen as Cha-Ka. Not to her face.....but, you know.

So when my sister's friend Carrie - from a different high school was invited to a party this is what happened when she was standing in line for a beer and Cha-Ka was in front of her. She had no idea that Cha-Ka was a reference to the Land of the Lost apelike character or that it wasn't her real nickname:

Carrie: Oh I know you.
Cha-Ka: What?
Carrie: You're Cha-Ka.
Cha-Ka: No my name is Karen.
Carrie: No but your nickname is Cha-Ka right?
Carrie: No. Just Karen.
Cha-Ka: No. Come on Cha-Ka. (yelling to my sister) JULIE. JULIE.JUUUULIEEEE! Isn't this Cha-Ka? Yeah your Cha-Ka.
Cha-Ka: (confusion then tears)

And don't feel too bad for Cha-Ka because she was actually a jerk. And if you forget what ChaKa looks like, behold:

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Thanks you guys!


saratogajean said...

Oh man. Too funny. Kind of like that episode of The Sarah Silverman Program where she asks if she's talking to 'tall thin Brenda or regular Brenda.'

Uh, regular Brenda.

ÄsK AliCë said...


When I was about 3 my mom was pregnant with twins. We went out shopping and I saw a man whose stomach closely resembled hers.

Of course I had to ask him when his babies were due.

miss milly said...

I worked with Chaka.
Note: blithering idiot and kleptomaniac.

Miss Alex said...

oh my Gawd that was hilarous!!!!!

I HATED Cha Ka... so ugly... lol...

Did The Sleestack Post bring back this memory???

Bizarro Zibbs said...

Don't tell Darwin but that monkey-boy is dreamy! That assertive forehead, the overbite, and, ohh, that hair! I feel like Marcia Brady to his Davey Jones. I'd like to head up HIS fan club, boy howdy!

Oh yeah, and I'll still destroy you Dr.

Anonymous said...

When I was small, my mom and I were in the waiting room of the doc's office. When they called our names, I was thrown off because I knew we came in after this other lady who had been waiting. I said outloud, "But Mom! That brown lady was next!!" Of course my mom looked horrified, but the woman was cordial and replied, "Hey. Leas' she know her colors!"

In my adulthood, I can't recall any F-I-M moments, but I'm sure one will dawn on me!

B.E. Earl said...

Oooh. That's awful!

In a good way, I mean.

Dr Zibbs said...

Saratogajean - glad to hear you're a fan of the SSP. I love that show. Need to go get myself a delicious TAB now.
Miss Milly - you mean Chaka Kahn?

M@ said...

I went to high school w/ a Chaka.

Jennifer and Sandi said...

Hey, that's my sister's name but she spells her name - Cockka.

Hey Doc, you forgot your sunflower seeds to go along with that Tab!

- Jennifer

Fancy Schmancy said...

Thanks for the link, sweetie pie.

katrocket said...

That's an excellent story, Zibbs. Some trivia: both Rod Stewart and Chewbacca have credited Cha-Ka for influencing their personal style.

Thanks for the link'n'love.

Anonymous said...

Oh sweet baby jesus, that is funny.

Smoochies said...

Ohhh...I had one recently. During the Historical Society tour I very loudly said to my Aunt when I thought we were by ourselves "My Dad gets off on this shit" not knowing my Dad was not five feet away from me showing off his antiques to some old couple. Oops.

I probably have a bunch of these if I could just sit down and think about it. It's my life story.

words words words said...

I once dated a girl that was known for her "Sleestak feet" in high school. Too bad for them, the rest of her was awesome :)

Andrew Rodriguez said...

When I was in the Army there was a girl we used to call "Witchy Poo"...something about those Seventies Saturday Mornings, I still have nightmares about Lidsville....

enc said...

I hadn't thought of Cha-ka for years. I think I preferred it that way.