Saturday, September 27, 2008

Dwight Yoakam Honors West Chester Blogger

Continuing All Clown Weekend at TBY, a song that I really dig by Dwight Yoakam called "Inside the Pocket of a Clown." And I also dig the striped pants on the gals*.

And did anyone see Dwight in Sling Blade as the drunk boyfriend? Great perfomance and great movie. MMMM-Hmmmm.

* Maybe Enc from Observation Mode can give her comments on the pants.


greeneyesmcl said...

AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Please contact me once clown week is over! Your fettish is freaky and too scary for me. Bozo is dead, move on.

Anonymous said...

Great clown weekend Doc and boy do I need a laugh.

BTY, remember I did a post on people who send me stuff and sometimes it's gold. The puns came from her.

Elizabeth said...

I've been a Dwight fan for decades. I loved him in Sling Blade, and he was pretty cool in his small part in this one, ( which I recently saw. Have you seen that?

Gwen said...

Love the song. Sling Blade is a favorite.

"I'll take the bigguns."

Jon said...

That song is terrible. sorry.

But I do like the striped pants. They're hypnotic. At least I think they are. "Hypnotized" is when you forget to stare at a chick's boobs, right?

Chris said...

Ok, I really didn't know you were doing clowns this weekend when I referenced Preggo the Clown in my post today. Damnit, I'm always behind on the trends!