Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Chester County Presidential Candidate Searches For Running Mates

Hello my fellow Americans. As you know, I've tossed my hat - a multicolored sombrero with kickass 3 foot peacock feather into the presidential arena. That's right, like L and S, I like to do it my (our) way. I could announce, like a fool , a running mate. Instead, I need three running mates. Yup. Double the pleasure - plus 1 (that's what she said).

Please leave your suggestion for running mates in the comments. They may be considered. On the short list so far are Chim-Chim, Charo and Buddy Hacket.

In the mean time, go to the post below to see the amazing story - in video format - about my 2008 run for the whitehouse.

"Dr Zibbs - watch out sucka' - I'm onna get ya!" (this means you Barack and McCain)


MJenks said...

Keith Hedinger.

(do you get it?)

Gwen said...

I nominate me. Here's why you should pick me:

1. I've got a good visual. People are more likely to vote for someone they have a little crush on.

2. I know the issues and how to play Words, Voices Motion. I even added a new voice to the tea bag move, remember?

3. I may not grow vegetables but I have an incredibly green thumb. I would be a great help with the Victory Garden of Hope.

4. I throw a good party and look good in wigs and hats.

5. I have great promotional ideas.

6. I've been open about my past - no skeletons in this closet!

7. This whole thing was my idea in the first place.

8. You like me.

Pick me!

Falwless said...

I love how your dumb slogan puts an apostrophe after sucka (which is not actually missing a letter, since you replaced "er" with "a") and puts no apostrophe in place of the "g" in front of "onna."

I'm starting to question your ability to lead an entire nation given your shitty English skills. Wait a minute, are you an illegal immigrant?!?!?

Okay, okay, veep choices:

Gilbert Gottfried
"Chad" from the Alltel commercials
Luigi (Mario's BFF)
Dipsy (Green teletubby)
Phil Donahue
Hervé Villechaize (midget Tattoo from Fantasy Island)
Bristol Palin
Stewie Griffin

Those are but a few ideas.

Gwen said...

Also, I bring these skills to the team:

1. Ability to spell.

2. Ability to hyperlink properly and neatly.

3. I'm pushy as all hell.

Pick me!

Bubble up.

Anonymous said...

Love the video. I think the following would be good candidates for VP:

1. That yellow bird - first name "Big". Keep it all about the colors.

2. Ernest Borgnine. I don't think he has enough to do. Plus I like saying his last name. Enough said.

3. My mom. She already lives in your area. She makes a mean potato salad. Will do your laundry.

You're welcome.

Gwen said...

Have you picked me yet?

Elizabeth said...

Chim Chim is a good backup for Gwen.